About Confidence


Hello, I am Samir Kumar Basu

 I am a keen math lover and always enthusiastic about learning and teaching mathematics. Since my childhood mathematics has attracted me with its logical and analytical approach to solve real life problems. My father and my childhood teacher always encouraged me and helped me to grow my interest into a subjective skill.  My maths teacher used to say -“If you can share your knowledge and skill with at least one person, then that will be your true contribution to mathematics (however small it may be)”. Those words were rooted in my heart.

With that blessing and my knack for mathematics, I have been offering mathematics tuition for more than 45 years. This site is just another extension to express my love for mathematics. My purpose is to guide students and math lovers by sharing the best of my knowledge and also to learn from them through my website. 


“The true order of learning should be,

first, what is necessary;

second, what is useful and

third, what is ornamental.”